Walking, Loving & Praying (Part 1)

Isaiah 40:28-31

Our individual lives and the life of our church is a rhythm of walking, loving and praying.

A law of life is that life is lived at a walk.

If life is lived at a walk, then life is lost at a walk.  We think of sin as one BIG and QUICK act.  It is often the culmination of a lot of small things.  The “wide road” is so gradual you don’t know you are on it until it’s too late.

And life can make us weary.  Jesus sees our weariness and invites us into His presence.

When we can’t soar or run -will we be faithful to walk?

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Thorns and Grace

2 Corinthians 12:1-10

Is there a way to transform a “thorn identity” to a “grace identity?”

What do we do when we face the thorns?

Too often we talk to everybody but God about our “thorn.”  Paul goes to God.

Jesus sees us and our “thorn” coming, and He is ready to provide grace to us.

“Thorns” in our lives remind us to wait on the Lord to continue and complete His work in us.

Paul proclaims that God’s grace is sufficient for his thorn.

What “thorns” in your life have become your identity?  How can God transform those thorns through His grace?

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Part of the Family

Colossians 3:12-17

The church matters.

We all learned the Christian faith from the church.

Paul had this idea of an inclusive community with all kinds of different people.

We are not our own.

The best word for church in the New Testament is fellowship.  This simply means they did life together.

We need to:

Be a community of love.

Read the Bible together.


Be grateful.

Have FUN!

“Since God chose you to be the holy people whom he loves. . .”

What are you going to do to celebrate the church this week?





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Family Identity -Passing it On

Titus 2:1-8, 2 Timothy 1:3-7

“Older people” should grow in grace and dignity and being vital to the mission and ministry of the church.

If we want to be surrounded by dynamic faith conversations when we get older, then we need to be surrounded by them today.

If we want to mentor young people, be POSITIVE and full of FAITH!

“Be faithful to the point of death, and I will give you the crown of life.”

Older people move the church forward.

Older people bring spiritual experience, strength, endurance and wisdom to everyone.


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Identity- Family, The Early Years

John 14:15-21

Our children (biological and spiritual) will be more influenced and shaped by us than by the world.

Faith grows best when started early.  “Your great faith reminds me of your dad, grandmother or the church you grew up in!”

A focus on the early years will bring a vibrant church.

  • The importance of a multi-generational, warm and nurturing community.
  • Ministries that take the long view, encourage spiritual formation and are committed to the principle of love of God and neighbor.

Each day, “Greet the church that meets in YOUR house.”  This will change how we view our family, our neighborhood and our mission.

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Being One

Matthew 22:34-40

God called the church to community.

We are one in Christ.  Our reality comes through Him; loving God and loving others.

The way we become “one” is to translate beliefs into behavior.

Our “oneness” is evident in service, spiritual formation, evangelism, leadership development and our care for one another.

What we have in common is the mission of Jesus Christ.  Where do we need to restore unity so that we are “one” on mission this week?


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Easter Sunday Message

God’s Yes to Us

Matthew 28:1-10, 2 Corinthians 1:18-20

We live in a culture of “no.”  That impacts the way we view God, ourselves and others.  The Bible reveals a God who is always reaching out in love.  It is His nature.

God, knowing all of who we are, looks at us and says, “Yes, I want to be in relationship with you.”

Jesus is the most emphatic “YES” of all of God’s “Yeses.”

The world believed it had given a final “no” to life when Jesus died on the cross.

The resurrection is the ultimate “yes.”

Where do you need to open up your life to God’s “yes” today?


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